Agile Decision Making

Agile Decision Making

Type: Webinar
Expiration Date: 06/11/2020
Location: Online

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The demands of a fast-paced environment require you to make timely decisions. However, being able to quickly involve the right people and consider the impact those decisions have on your organization—and your patients—is sometimes easier said than done. You can't afford to make rash decisions, but you can't delay decision making either; the choices you make often have life-altering consequences. At the ANA Leadership Institute™, we understand the daily pressures you face in making decisions. This self-paced course is designed to give you the skills to create the greatest impact and obtain the most effective results with each decision you make.

After completing this on-demand course, you will be able to:

  • Quickly analyze options, often with limited information.
  • Apply a flexible, collaborative approach to decision making.
  • Take actions and make decisions that align with your organizational standards.
  • And much more.

Think deep, act smart, lead better. Become an agile decision maker.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and understand your leadership decision-making style.
  • Identify the types of decisions you may face in your leadership roles, and explain how to strengthen your capacity to make agile decisions in those circumstances.
  • Explain how to take a systems approach in making decisions while ensuring alignment with the organization.
  • Demonstrate a holistic approach to making decisions while identifying when to make fast decisions versus slow decisions.
  • Identify and avoid the common mistakes made in decision making.
  • Describe a checklist, tools, and processes that can be applied for better decision-making.

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Elle Allison Napolitano, PhD
Founder of Wisdom Out, researcher, author, thinker, speaker

Elle Allison-Napolitano is founder of Wisdom Out, a professional development company specializing in leadership and organizational learning and a hub for research and information about the nature of wisdom in individuals, couples, leaders, and organizations.
Building on her original wisdom studies, Elle’s research and fieldwork has led to discoveries about how to leverage organizational practices, processes and structures for sustainable change, leadership and organizational resilience and the development of transformational leadership.
Dr. Allison-Napolitano has worked with clients in education, health care, business, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Elle is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a graduate of National Staff Development Academy. She reaches a diverse audience by delivering engaging and informative keynote addresses and seminars on leadership and organizational development, leadership coaching, and wisdom.

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