Therapeutic Laughter: Creating a Mirthful Environment

Therapeutic Laughter: Creating a Mirthful Environment

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Expiration Date: 09/20/2020
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Learn to have joy in all you do! We are so busy moving on to the next thing that we forget to laugh and have a moment to ourselves throughout it all.

In this Navigate Nursing course, get the latest evidence on the connection between therapeutic laughter and physiology. Gain tangible tools to increase laughter, build resilience, and change your perspective with a mirthful environment. Daily stress can have a major impact on how we function. It’s time to make the most of each day. Learn how creating a mirthful environment can increase your professional and personal well-being.

Remember, safe patient care starts with self-care!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize the fundamental principles of therapeutic laughter and features of a mirthful environment
  • Appraise strategies and interventions to create a mirthful environment in patient care environments
  • Create an action plan for a mirthful environment in your practice setting

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Debbie Harbinson BSN, MHI, RN, CNOR, HNB-BC
Ms. Harbinson is a board-certified operating room and holistic nurse with a master’s degree in health care innovation from Arizona State University. She has extensive experience both in leadership and education in diverse nursing practice settings and specialties that include the operating room, faith-based community, home health care, geriatric care management, and integrative health. She is passionate about teaching modalities that translate the innate wisdom of the mind, body, and spirit to all age groups so people can create their own well-being. Debbie travels the United States and abroad designing educational programs to promote stress resilience and attitudinal healing. She has earned the credential of Expert-Level Certified Laughter Leader and is a Master Trainer for the World Laughter Tour workshops on the Science of Laughter, Psychology of Humor, and Experience of Mirth.

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