10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Nurse Manager

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Nurse Manager

Type: Webinar
Expiration Date: 02/01/2019
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Nurse managers have a critical role in managing the delivery of safe, high-quality, efficient nursing care. But oftentimes nurses are promoted into managerial roles and aren’t taught the skills needed to succeed in those roles. To help nurses understand a nurse manager’s responsibilities along with what it takes to succeed in the role, The ANA Leadership Institute™ has developed a brand-new webinar: 10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Nurse Manager.


  • Understand the complex issues nurse managers face and how to deal with them effectively
  • Obtain surefire techniques to handle the transition from nurse staff to nurse manager
  • Learn the difference between being a nurse manager and being a nurse leader
  • Review the manager-specific duties you need to learn and understand to be ready to fulfill the nurse manager role
  • Acquire networking skills to improve your influence and image across your organization
  • And much more...

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the role of the nurse manager in today's challenging health care environment
  • Design a professional development plan to acquire the skills required for nursing management roles

Presented By


Matt Painter, Director of Leadership Development at Berkshire Health Systems

Matt Painter is a business management and leadership professional with experience in organizational development, program management, leadership development and college-level business instruction. At Berkshire Health Systems, Matt conducts training and development needs analysis with senior executives, middle managers and supervisors through interviews, surveys and focus groups to improve management skills among potential and existing nurse managers. He also created core business curricula with senior executives and SMEs to prepare supervisors and mid-level managers to be trained on a wide range of management and leadership principles, and developed the Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP) at Berkshire to deliver a core business curriculum to health system managers from an interdisciplinary and organization-specific perspective. Matt also established a new manager orientation/management onboarding program to assist managers in exploring their managerial philosophy, gaining access to key resources and be trained on role-specific skills.

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