Developing a Successful Onboarding Program for Nurses

Developing a Successful Onboarding Program for Nurses

Type: Webinar
Expiration Date: 06/22/2019
Location: Online

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The time, effort, and cost to bring on new nurses are a challenge for all nurse managers and departments. In addition, when nurses are not properly onboarded, they make more mistakes and struggle to adapt to the work and culture of the organization. By developing an onboarding program that is specific to the organization’s needs and culture, outcomes can be improved and the retention rate greatly increased.

The ANA webinar provides nurse leaders like you with expert guidance on creating a custom onboarding process in order to meet your organizational and regulatory missions.


  • Recognize organization-specific needs for your new nurses, whether facility- or system-based, to increase productivity;
  • Create an overall structure and agenda for your onboarding program to provide a smoother onboarding process
  • Utilize best-practice examples to better measure onboarding program outcomes;
  • And much more!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Discern components of an outcomes-based onboarding program
  • Translate effective onboarding methods to drive retention in healthcare environments

Presented By


Karen Wright, MSN, RN-BC

Karen is the Director Center for Nursing Education and Research at the Baylor University Medical Center

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Price: $45.00

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