Can the Pressures of Everyday Life Influence Your Risk of Cancer?

Can the Pressures of Everyday Life Influence Your Risk of Cancer?

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Expiration Date: 07/20/2020
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Did you know you can decrease your risk of cancer by living a healthy lifestyle? Recent studies show that a healthy lifestyle can reduce cancer deaths by 67 percent for men and 59 percent for women. In this prerecorded webinar, you’ll get the latest evidence on the connection between stress and cancer. Learn strategies for personal wellness and key indicators that may impact cancer risk for you and your patients. Stay up to date on physiological effects, screening processes, stressors, wellness care, and research that influence your risk of cancer.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize the cellular formation of cancer and immune response
  • Appraise modifiable lifestyle choices for impact on cancer risk and routine screening
  • Employ the nursing process to reduce patient stressors and lifestyle behaviors that lead to cancer risk
  • Implement personal strategies for self-care/wellness as a healthcare professional
  • Engage in nurse leadership activities and inter-professional collaboration for further research on the importance of health maintenance in lowering cancer risk

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Lynn Gadd, MSN, MBA, RN, OCN
Ms. Gadd has been an oncology nurse for 12 years. She is a medical editor at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, GA. Her background includes oncology case management and utilization management. Lynn’s clinical expertise includes cancer clinical trials and head and neck cancers at the University of Chicago in Illinois. In her free time, she participates in the American Cancer Society’s legislative volunteer action and Relay for Life fundraising initiatives. She is passionate about patient advocacy and health care reform efforts.

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