Achieving and Sustaining Outcomes for Redesignation

Achieving and Sustaining Outcomes for Redesignation

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Transformational Leadership Tip

Transformational Leadership Tip: Achieving and Sustaining Outcomes for Redesignation—It Starts at the Top

By Joyce A. Batcheller, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN
NKC Consultant and Educator

The chief nursing officer (CNO) in a Magnet®-designated organization is responsible for aligning nursing’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan with the organization’s priorities.

With the 2014 Magnet® Application Manual there is now an increased focus on outcomes. These changes are timely since reimbursement strategies are being linked to performance metrics in a more transparent manner. Magnet designated organizations are well-positioned to demonstrate the value of nursing to the patient, the organization, and the community.

So what are some strategies to not only achieve but sustain outcomes?

  • Put in place a clear philosophy, strategic framework, and professional practice model.
  • Develop and align strategies, goals, tactics, and outcomes. They should be connected from the boardroom to the bedside and beyond.
  • Use evidence-based practice and literature reviews as role models for improving work.
  • Ask for the data or rationale, or both, when new ideas are brought forward. Also ask, "How will we know we are making progress?"
  • Encourage staff participation in this process. This is essential to ensure staff has ownership and pride in the change process.
  • Develop and assess leadership competencies that are essential to ensuring the team can achieve the annual goals and desired outcomes.
  • Create an orientation and onboarding process for staff and new leaders at all levels that articulates what it means to be a nurse leader in a Magnet-designated organization.
  • Link and integrate Magnet exemplars as a requirement of the clinical ladder process.
  • Develop shared governance and meeting structures that intentionally plan time on the agenda to review the progress toward achieving the desired outcomes.
  • Engage key stakeholders to support interprofessional teamwork and collaboration to achieve outcomes.
  • Foster C-suite champions. Magnet designation focuses on nursing. It cannot be achieved and sustained without support and alignment throughout the executive suite.

Take a moment to assess your organization and see which of these strategies will help you achieve and sustain outcomes. Should you need assistance, NKC consultants are available to help with any part of your journey.

This article was originally published in July 2015.

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